Saturday, June 19, 2010

A quick mirror's edge tutorial

I recently bought Mirror's Edge on Steam (thanks $5 weekends!), and I wanted to share my experience of the game briefly. Mostly, when you have to fight, you fight police officers. There are two types of police officers. You quickly learn which of the two police officers you are supposed to fight.

This is an example of a police officer that it is ok to fight.
He's just a dude. He's got a uniform. He's got a gun, he will try and shoot you with it. Beat this dude's ass. Take his gun and shoot him with it if you are feeling like being a dick. I never shoot anyone if I can help it, it slows down my running from police officer type 2.
They have machine guns and body armor. They are not ok.

Now you know everything you need to know about Mirror's Edge combat!

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