Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Death and the Resurrected Orc

"Ok then, Grish dies".

I totally and purposefully killed a character of a player that wasn't at my session last night. Granted, I feel the monsters were doing what they should have been doing, but I went into the session with the mindset of being ok with killing one of them.

The fight itself was tough and positioning was a real ordeal, and many other things. As a result, the half-orc was dead, in the corner, molested by poltergeists and yuan-ti boneshard skeletons. He got up, two rounds later. He was feeling much better.

Yes, the death resulted in furthering a part of the story. Was I really gunning for him? Maybe more than I should have been. Though, for the most part, I think the monsters stayed acting how they should act. However, this is the second occasion in which I have injured or killed a player and it results in a plot point. Perhaps this is the wrong way to go about things. I hope that the story and options that result from it will be fun, and offer interesting choices to the players.

I might be making a mistake, though. Regardless, something like this I probably won't do again, at least, certainly not soon.


  1. As the player's proxy, it surprised me, but knowing that it's Part of the Plot rather than A Sign I Just Fucked Up (and also, didn't keep Grish out of later scenes), I for one am fine with it.

  2. That's what I get for missing a session. :P

  3. I actually don't think that this went off badly at all, and I really liked it. It made sense to me that, given the layout of the board, that the monsters going after him would do so, and I feel like I did my best as party healer to try to keep him alive (alas for the way regeneration actually works!). That we were all not just rolled is, as far as I am concerned, something of a miracle-- but the plot thing was really neat, and I had a very good time with it.