Thursday, July 22, 2010

Invokers are weird

Invokers are weird. They are controllers, they wear chain, and they make divine covenants with the gods.

They are sort of like that priest you thought about playing a long time ago that was a battle priest and didn't use weapons. Even stranger, they are sort of either midfielders or long-rangers, depending on which side you pick. If you pick single target damage and control, they are long range. If you pick lots of ae with horrible side effects, you mid-field it. Also, you get summons, maybe two at every daily spell level. You can also be a pseudo healer, but not really at all. Though you will sometimes let people spend surges and dole out hit points.

Some of the really weird stuff? There are entirely power lines that are dedicated to you dazing yourself. It's pretty bizarre and, at first blush, it looks kind of overwhelming because it's almost entirely utility and finesse.

That being said, I like what I have played of it thus far. It's a pretty nutty class with some nice tricks to whip out.


  1. It's discoveries like this that make me wish I could play even more 4e than we already play.

  2. They'd need to give you more days in a week before you could get away with that. ;)

    Invokers always looked interesting. You'll have to tell me more as you learn more about it in actual play.

  3. They are very weird. Starting off play, I took a feat to boost my ac by two any time I hit with an attack. With all of the attacks being ae, it's rare that the feat ISN'T active. Depending on your build, you wear different armor. It's a very fidgety class.

    You get a lot a punishing spells, which fit the theme well. You just have to condition yourself to not expect to deal damage on your turn necessarily. It's a lot to keep up with, but so far, it's been a good time.

  4. I vote for a parallell timeline which could be devoted entirely to game play.

    I really like the idea of a time-delay damage class. I would enjoy seeing some other skins on that concept as well.