Thursday, July 1, 2010

Purple Dragons

Out of all the dragons, and there are an awful lot, purple dragons are the weirdest. They are basically vampires, but they aren't undead.

Dominating gaze? Check
Emo color? Check
Destroyed by sunlight? Check

Their breath weapon even assaults the mind. Really, it deals psychic damage (it also dazes, but we'll ignore that part for purposes of this article). It's bite causes ongoing psychic damage. Everything about this dragon is bizarre. It's a not really dreamscape-nightmare dragon that might also be a vampire but isn't quite. I don't know where they fit necessarily in the scheme of dragon things. I mean, I can get behind a dragon of nightmare. That's pretty rocking. Heck, I've used a shadow dragon recently.

I am just not quite sure what to do with a purple dragon. I think, if I used one, it probably lives in the darkness of the underworks of a city. It probably spreads lies and rumors in people's dreams by whispering up drainpipes and through the walls of their buildings. It probably causes people to go insane and seek out the sewers for the voice of their visions and they bring their possessions with them.

Hey, that actually sounds pretty cool now.

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  1. Dude. That is awesome. And now I really don't want to fight one! ;)